Humanitarian diplomacy


The Humanitarian Action Office also performs awareness-raising and monitoring work, with a humanitarian perspective, in international debates and the main forums in which Spain participates.

During its term on the United Nations Security Council, from 2015 to 2016, Spain actively promoted the global humanitarian agenda through the Council's adoption of numerous resolutions, including: Resolution 2242 on Women, Peace and Security; Resolution 2286 on healthcare in armed conflicts; and Resolution 2331 on human trafficking in conflict situations. In conjunction with New Zealand and Jordan, Spain also led Security Council efforts regarding the humanitarian aspect of the Syrian conflict; Resolution 2258 on cross-border relief was one of the most palpable results of this work.

In May 2016, a Spanish delegation also participated in the first World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), in Istanbul, reaffirming Spain's commitment to promoting and respecting International Humanitarian Law.

In 2018, the humanitarian aspect of Spain's foreign action has been further strengthened:

  • Spain is currently Chair of the UNHRD humanitarian network's Group of Friends;
  • Spain is also a member of the Donor Support Group of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), having returned to the group in October 2017 after a five-year absence;
  • In 2019, Spain will chair the Donor Support Group (ODSG) for OCHA, which is the UN's main humanitarian agency, after forming part of its troika in 2018;
  • Lastly, as a demonstration of this commitment to humanitarian affairs, in 2018 Spain was visited by the Director of OCHA, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, and the WFP's Executive Director.