What is the Award?


The Prize, which doesn’t entile economic endowment, will consist of the deliver of a Diploma, that certificates the Prize awarding , to the award-winning Education Centres. This ceremony will celebrate in the Spanish International Cooperation and Development Agency (AECID), a week before the Seminar, aproximately, and attend at least the Seminar participants.

The award-winning Centres, will participate in an Exchange and Training in Good Teaching Practices in Education for Development, that will take place from the 24th November to the 2nd December 2018 in Dominican Republic. This Seminar will last 40 working hours. In the event that the Seminar had to be modified due to causes of force majeure, these changes will be directly communicated to the prizewinners.




For each of the prizes awarded will participate máximum two teachers in charge of the educative intervention.

This Seminar has as a main aim to encourage the Education for Development practice into education centres, being specific goals of the Seminar:

  • Present and exchange between the participants the award-winning experiences.

  • Get training in Global Citizenship from Education for Development experts.

  • Make organised visits to the Projects that the Spanish Cooperation develops in Dominican Republic.


Participation in this Seminar involves the recognition of training credits for participating teachers, granted by the Education and Professional Training Ministry.

The AECID will cover and manage the travel expenses from Madrid to the place were the Seminar will held, the lodging and upkeeping of all participants in this Seminar, as well as, the expenses derived from the organization and teaching of it.

The AECID, together with the Education and Professional Training Ministry, will be in charge of the direction of the Seminar, as well as the selection of the guest presenters and the pedagogical coordination.

Awarded works, can be published or disclosed by the Education and Professional Training Ministry and / or the AECID, without this implying any transfer or limitation of the rights of them. Therefore, and in aplication of the article 14 from the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, from 12th April, where the revised text of the Intelectual Property Law is approved, the submission to the calls for any work, shall mean that the authors authorize both entities for their disclosement.

Duties of award recipients.

​1. Prizewinning centres should present a certificate that guarantees to be aware of all its tax and social security obligations, or to be exepmpt from them, if this is the case.

2. The award-winning teaching centres, represented by the assigned teachers, will be obliged to attend the Exchange and Training Seminar in Good Practice in Education for Development and to justify their assistance through signature control .

3. It is only possible to justify the waiver to attend the aforementioned Seminar in the case of force majeure which must be accredited to the granting body for its valuation .

4. Each award-winning center, in order to make known to the rest of the participants in the seminar the winning experiences, must prepare a presentation in digital format with a maximum duration of 30 minutes .

5. The participants are subject to the responsibilities and the sanctioning regime that on administrative breaches in matters of subsidies establishes the Law 38/2003, of 17 November, General of Subsidies and the Royal Decree 887/2006, of 17 November, approving its rules of procedure.