What do I need to submit?

Those Education Centres teaching academic disciplines related to different stages of education, have to present individual reports and applications for each of the stages they are submitting.

1. The Education Centres that want to participate in this call, have to fill the request online, through the Virtual Branch, included within the AECID website. (AECID Electronic Site link)

In order to present the electronic application, it should be signed by the Principal of  the centre.

2. Academic Centres that sant to submit to this call individually, have to present the original application and the report, included into the appendix I and II.

3. The centres wishing to participate in this call, should designate a coordinating centre that will be the interlocutor with the Administration. this coordinating centre, shall be resposible for submitting the original applications of each of the centres (Appendix I) and to develop the joint descriptive report, as indicated in the Appendix II, paying particular attention to point 4 of that Appendix.

4. It is mandatory for Descriptive Reports to be presented in a digital support and all the Appendix deemed appropriate, as well as all visual materials.

5. The following documentation signed by each applicant Centre shal be presented:

  • Certificate of the Secretary of the School Council, where the approval for participation in this call and the academic level for which the centre is presented appear. In the case of Centres that are present in grouping, it must be expressly reflected in this Certificate.

  • Certificate of the Director of the Centre where the approval for the participation in this call, as well as the list of teachers participating in the experience presented appear.  

  • Certificate of the Director of the Centre with the name of two of the teachers responsible for the educational experience presented, assigned to represent the Centre in the Seminar, in case this is awarded.

  • Copy of the communication from the Centre to the Local Educational Administration, in which the participation in this call and the names of the two teachers responsible for the Project are listed, so that it grants the corresponding travel permission to the participants in the Seminar, in case the Centre is awarded.

6. In compilance with the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th, on the Protection of Personal Data, references to data that are private or personal in nature and, therefore, have a reserved nature, especially those referred to minors involved should be avoided.

7. The deadline for submitting applications and documentation will be 30 calendar days from the day following the publication of the Resolution in the Oficial State Gazette and/or in the BNDS.

8. In accordance with the provision of Article 71 of the aforementioned Law 30/1992, if the application for submission does not meet the requirements, the applicant willbe required to correct the lack of documents or accompany the required documents within a period of ten calendar days, indicating that, if he/she did not do so, he/she will be consider as having withdrawn his/her request, closing the application without further processing, with the effects set forth in the Article 42.1 of the aforementioned Law.

9. The awarded centres, as well as the teachers attending the Seminar, undertake to collaborate and participate in the dissemination actions that may derive from this Prize organised by the AECID and/or the Education and Professional Training Ministry, among others, the National Meeting of Teachers in Education for Development.

10. Participation in this call, involves express authorisation for a visit to the Teaching Centre, in case the Evaluation Teamo deems it necessary.

The awarding of Prices will be effected by means of a resolution that will be published in the Official State Gazette.