Valuation Criteria


​There will be awarded 15 inititatives that will be distributed, in their entirely, among the different Educational Levels mentioned in the previous section.

In case of being awarded groupings of Centres, a Prize will be awarded for each of the Centres that integrate them.

For the evaluation of the works, the following criteria will be taken into account:

a) Innovative character in the content (0-10 points).

b) Methodology or implementation from the perspective of Education for Development (0-15 points)

c) Accuracy in the description of objectives and results (0-15 points)

d) Contribution to the acquisition of the values on wich our democratic society is based and to the sensitization of said society towards the problematic of poverty and exclusion from a critical perspective, as well as the promotion of human and sustainable development (0-20 points)

e) Promotion of development from a Rights perspective and with a Gender perspective (0-15 points)

f) Search for solutions to the causes of poverty and promotion of critical thinking (0-10 points)

g) Posibilidad de aplicar la experiencia en otros contextos y en otras etapas educativas (0-5 puntos).

h) The work that has been developed and carried out as a team will be valued and that shows the participation and support of the Senate, School Council and/or the rest of the Educational Community (0-10 points)

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