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In order to contribute to the construction of a citizenship committed to the eradication of poverty and the promotion of human development, AECID seeks to promote the line of Education for Development (ED) in the formal field of education through the Teachers for Developmen Program. Started in the year 2009 with the creation of the National Award "Vicente Ferrer ". The program is addressed to the teachers of Spanish schools supported by public funds, and is developed in collaboration with the Education and Professional Training Ministry. Being aware of the role of teachers as agents of social transformation, the program promotes the creation of networks of solidarity formed by trained and sensitized in the field of development teachers.  

Teachers for Development Programme seeks to strengthen an active, participatory and responsible citizenship among Spanish teachers related to the development of peoples, enhancing transformations, twinning thoughts and criteria that forge a Global vision of development, with shared ethics and Right-based approaches. Currently, it is formed by the following actions:

Education for Development National Award "Vicente Ferrer"

It allows to recognize the work of the teachers of Spanish Educational Centers supported with public funds that are implementing projects in matter of ED. The prize, of formative character, consists of the attendance to a Seminar of Exchange and Training in Good Practices in ED that is developed in one of the countries in which the Spanish Cooperation has presence. The award has been associated with the dissemination of good practices presented through its publication.  So far, have been 105 centers, scattered throughout the country, which have received this recognition, which is going to celebrate its 10th edition in  2018.  

Teachers for Development National Meeting

 Space of convergence between the winners of the Education for Development National Award "Vicente Ferrer", convened annually and those who, without being awarded, develop outstanding performances in their centres and the various agents of Cooperation (Universities, NGDOs, Unions, etc.). The meeting aims to exchange experiences, generate spaces for debate and reflection, collective learning, knowledge of educational realities, both in the North and in the South, and also introduce ED's vision from the approach of Citizenship in schools. 

Publication of Good Practices in Education for Development

Annually, the winning experiences are published in each edition of the Education for Development National Prize "Vicente Ferrer" and some didactic materials made by the teachers themselves in the network of Teachers for Development.
In collaboration with a group of professors belonging to the network of Teachers for Development has carried out the project #PubliODS, developing didactic material on the Objectives of Sustainable Development with techniques of comics and Visual Thinking,  aimed at schools for both Infant and Primary and Secondary levels.


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Twinning Educational Centres Programme

This Programme is in the process of creation and is currently being carried out in parallel with the Training Seminar derived from the Education for Development National Prize "Vicente Ferrer" . Possibilities are being explored with other organizations such as the Organization of Ibero-American States, to study possible collaborations.  

Teachers Training

In addition to the training actions organized by the AECID or the MEFP, the NGDOs also have a wide range of training courses aimed at teachers.

With the intention to train teachers who want to start in the issues of ED, AECID, and on the occasion of the celebration of the European Year of Development 2015, developed the program  "Our world, our Dignity, our Future " which generated an extensive bank of resources in order to raise awareness of the Global Citizenship approach and open our horizonts in schools. Find all the documents, materials and video tutorials to start working on: http://edudesarrollo.com

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