AECID Strategic Lines in ED

AECID works in ED from two key aspects: as a financier, being NGDOs its main associate in this sense and as a prime mover of coherence, complementarity and coordination of Education for Development actions. These Strategic Lines can be summarised as follows:

  1. To financie the group of all the cooperation actors: NGDOs, new social movements, Universities, companies and companies organizations, social economy companies, media, social platforms and international networks, Local Authorities networks included. These actions are promoted under coordination and complementarity principles. AECID currently has 10 ED Conventions for different NGDOs

  2. To promote coordination and complementarity spaces for the group of actors from Spanish Cooperation, through direct actions carried out by the AECID, alone or coordinated with other actors through specific actions.

    In this sense, AECID has been working in coordination with the Education and Professional Training Ministry since 2009 in the "Teachers for Development" Programme.

  3. To watch over coherence in ED of the whole of Public Administrations, establishing coordination and complementarity spaces of the whole General State Administration, within its competences and strengthen the already existent coordination structures.

  4. To represent Spanish Cooperation in national and international spaces and meetings related to Education for Development or Global Education. One of the networks to which AECID belongs to is the GENE ( Global Education Network Europe)

  • Generation of Global Citizenship in social networks
    Social networks is one of the means of greater diffusion of the actions in matter of ED of the AECID. Throughout these years, in collaboration with the MEFP have been opening and maintaining spaces in the networks like: Teaching for Development Blog: Collaborative blog whose technical secretary is carried out by AECID and MEFP. We also manage profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube channel, Isssuu.



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