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  • Press Room

    Press Room

    • 9/16/2019 3:00 PM
      América Latina y Caribe
      Cultura y Desarrollo

      Human Rights and Sustainable Development, protagonists of the Cooperación Española Award

      -Seven films are nominated for the V edition of the Spanish Cooperation Award that will be delivered on September 28 at the closing gala of the 67th edition of the San Sebastian Festival

      -Together with the Spanish Cooperation Award, AECID will organize a round table at the Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum that will take place on September 23, 24 and 25 at the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian


      For the fifth year running, AECID (the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) joins the San Sebastian Festival to give its Cooperación Española Award to the Ibero-American film making the greatest contribution to human development, the eradication of poverty and the full exercise of human rights.

      The Award is part of the alliance between AECID and the San Sebastian Festival to promote the Ibero-American audiovisual industry.

      The Cooperación Española Award will be presented on September 28 at the Closing Gala of the 67th edition of the San Sebastian Festival.

      The Cooperación Española Award has been presented for the last five years to the producer of the Ibero-American film (including Spanish and Portuguese productions) making the greatest contribution to human development, the eradication of poverty and the full exercise of human rights.

      In its fifth edition, resulting from the collaboration between San Sebastian Festival and AECID, a body dependent upon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, the Award comes with 10,000 euros and goes to a film competing for the accolade in the Official Selection and the Horizontes Latinos section. The specific contenders for the Cooperación Española Award are:


      La odisea de los giles / Heroic Losers
      Sebastián Borensztein (Argentina - Spain)
      Special Screenings

      In Argentina, the term gil refers to a good, naïve and rather gullible person, like the group of inhabitants from a town in the Buenos Aires region who decide to place all their savings in a bank to create an agricultural cooperative which, they believe, will change their fate. However, the victims of a racket, they lose all their money. Led by Perlassi, a local football legend, the eight giles decide that this time they’ll take the law into their own hands in what will be the most legendary night of their lives.

      Mano de obra / Workforce
      David Zonana (Mexico)

      Francisco and a group of construction workers are building a luxury house in Mexico City. Following the accidental on-site death of his brother, Francisco learns that his widowed sister-in-law will not receive compensation from the wealthy owner of the house. After enduring a succession of further abuses against himself and his colleagues, and having made several attempts to obtain justice, he finally takes the law into his own hands - but will the world he's fighting against end up consuming him?

      Pacificado / Pacified
      Paxton Winters (Brazil)

      Tati, an introspective 13 year old girl struggles to connect with her estranged father, Jaca, after he is released from prison in the turbulent wake of the Rio Olympics. As Brazilian Pacification Police battle to maintain a tenuous occupation of the surrounding Rio favelas, Tati and Jaca must navigate the clashing forces threatening to derail their hope for the future. Born of a seven-year creative collaboration between the community of 'Morro dos Prazeres' and writer/director, Paxton Winters, Pacificado / Pacified offers a bracingly intimate portrait of a family trying to find peace in the ever-shifting urban battlefield they call home.


      Agosto / August
      Armando Capó (Cuba - Costa Rica - France)
      III Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum
      Films in Progress 32

      Cuba, summer 1994. In full swing of the Special Period, one of the biggest crises in the country’s history, thousands of Cuban rafters try to make the illegal crossing to the United States, not knowing if they’ll survive. With the start of the holidays, Carlos sets about enjoying a carefree August, kicking around with his friends and falling in love for the first time. He knows very little about his country’s uncertain future, until, one at a time, his neighbours and friends leave in search of a better life as friendships break and families separate. In this hot summer, Carlos’s world will turn upside down.  

      La cordillera de los sueños / The Cordillera of Dreams
      Patricio Guzmán (Chile)
      Opening Film (In competition)

      "In Chile, when the sun rises, it must climb hills, walls and mountain tops before reaching the last stone of the Cordillera. In my country, the Cordillera is everywhere. But for the Chilean citizens, it is an unknown territory. After going North to make Nostalgia for the Light and South for The Pearl Button, I now feel ready to film this immense backbone and to explore its mysteries, its powerful revelations of Chile's history past and present" (Patricio Guzmán). L'Oeil d'Or Award for Best Documentary at the Cannes Festival.

      La ola verde (Que sea ley) / Let It Be Law
      Juan Solanas (Argentina - Uruguay - France)
      Special Screenings
      Not in competition

      The Green Wave narrates the struggle for legal abortion in Argentina, through a journey of more than 5,000 kilometres, accompanied by the victims’ brave testimonies and the key female voices of those who played the lead part in this memorable voyage. Special screening at the Cannes Festival.

      Nuestras madres / Our Mothers
      César Díaz (France - Belgium - Guatemala)

      Guatemala, 2018. The whole country hangs on the trials of the soldiers who started the Civil War as the victims make their statements one after the other. Ernesto, a young anthropologist working for the Forensic Foundation, works to identify those who disappeared during the conflict. One day while listening to an old woman tell her story, he thinks he’s found a clue which could take him to his father, a guerrilla fighter who also disappeared during that period. Against his mother’s wishes, he throws himself body and soul into the case with the aim of learning the truth.

      Jury Members

      The award will be decided by a jury of three people, composed by:

      • Cristina del Moral, Deputy Chief of Cultural Cooperation and Promotion of AECID.
      • Director of International Cooperation of Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa, Mikel Diez Sarasola.
      • Filmmaker Ione Hernández, who is in charge of developing the cooperation project Gipuzkoa Coopera of Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa and the Festival de San Sebastián.
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