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  • FCAS: What is the Fund

    FCAS: What is the Fund

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      Core values

      The Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation (FCAS) is guided by a fundamental principle: Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is a human right. This is a principle adopted by the United Nations that Spain actively promotes internationally, and which it advances through Spanish Cooperation programmes.

      Spain also contributes, through FCAS, to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDG 6: "To ensure safe drinking water and sanitation for all."

      The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) has a Sectoral Plan for Water and Sanitation, which guides the work of the Fund, especially the objectives of integrated water resources management, access to water and sanitation, and governance. The Fund's actions are also guided by these principles: 

      • Gender equality
      • Social cohesion
      • Combating poverty
      • Cultural adaptation of programmes
      • Territorial approach to development
      • Sustainability and environmental governance
      • Transparent and participatory governance
      • Use of appropriate and contextually adapted technology for human development
      • Education and awareness raising for a New Water Culture


      FCAS has an important line of support for Ibero-American institutions and governance of the sector, through national strategies, hydrological plans, and updating regulations, with the aim of accompanying partner countries in the development of public policies and underscoring the human right to water and sanitation.   

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