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  • FCAS: What is the Fund

    FCAS: What is the Fund

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      What is the Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation

      The Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation (FCAS) is an instrument of Spanish Cooperation that implements programmes for institutional strengthening, community development, and promotion of water and sanitation services in 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Interventions focus on rural and peri-urban areas, with the aim of reducing pockets of poverty and inequality.

      The Fund manages a portfolio totalling EUR 1.66 billion (EUR 801 million of which are donations from Spain) focused on the effective fulfilment of the human right to water and sanitation and the United Nations the Sustainable Development Goals. FCAS is implementing 81 projects; some are bilateral, executed by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), and others are multilateral, managed in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank.

      The hallmarks of FCAS, which started its activities in October 2009, are a cross-cutting gender approach, integrated water resources management, environmental protection, and cultural diversity.

      Although AECID manages the Fund, it is the Latin American and Caribbean countries themselves, and their public bodies, that lead and implement the interventions.


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