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  • FCAS: How we work

    FCAS: How we work

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      Actuaciones bilaterales y multilaterales del Fondo

      interventions in two ways: through bilateral programmes, financing initiatives of recipient partner countries presented directly to AECID; or through multilateral programmes, in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

      All of these actions are based on Country Partnership Frameworks, and are therefore also aligned with partner countries' policies and priorities.


      The actions managed by AECID are implemented through State subsidies with public institutions in partner countries, through a portfolio with EUR 403 million in grants. Actions are carried out in accordance with national procedures, safeguarding the principles of transparency, equality, legality, and free competition, with the support and monitoring of Spanish Cooperation through FCAS.


      In the case of multilateral management, contributions are channelled through the Spanish Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation in Latin America and the Caribbean (FECASALC), a fiduciary fund established between the Government of Spain and the IDB.

      The multilateral portfolio is endowed with EUR 397 million in donations from Spain, which together with IDB credits and contributions from counterparts have improved the lives of millions of people. Multilateral programmes are implemented through an operational regulation and a coordination guide that establishes the joint management mechanisms for FECASALC operations. This has enabled certain specific coordination spheres and processes to be established between the AECID Technical Cooperation Offices (TCOs), IDB representations, and national authorities in countries where joint actions are carried out.

      The alliance with the IDB has high added value thanks to AECID's vision as a development agency (defending water and sanitation as human rights, and emphasising the importance of citizen participation and gender relations) and the IDB's extensive experience and technical expertise in project management.

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