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  • Press Room

    Press Room

    • 6/11/2015 12:00 PM
      América Latina y Caribe
      Agua y Saneamiento

      Spain reaffirms its commitment to SDGs in water and sanitation


      The Spanish Cooperation​ remains firmly committed to helping the international community achieve the current MDGs and the new “road map” after ​2015, the SDGs, in the sector of water and sanitation, among other priorities.

      Access to clean water and sanitation is essential towards the future Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)​ that the international community is currently negotiating.

      “Water is a key factor, an essential pillar of the Spanish Cooperation”, said recently Gonzalo Robles, Spain´s Secretary General for International Development Cooperation.

      “More than 700 million people in the World still have no access to clean drinking water (...) 2,500 million human beings have no sanitation”, he added.

      Robles was speaking at a conference recently held in Madrid and organized by the Global Water Operators' Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA) and the Spanish Cooperation, within the framework of the EYD2015.​

      The Spanish government annually subsidizes GWOPA Secretariat, an international nonprofit network created to support the water operators partnerships (WOPs).

      Universal Access to water

      Its goal, shared by the Spanish Cooperation, is to promote universal access to sustainable water and sanitation services. Water operators that take part in the GWOPA manage more than 50% of the drinking water supplied to the World´s population. Since April 2013, the General Secretariat of GWOPA is located in Barcelona.

      The event was also attended by Faraj El-Awar, expert with the GWOPA. El-Awar said that according to a recent UN survey, access to water is considered an essential asset linked to health, nature, industry, and food, among other elements. “Everything is related to water. It won´t be possible to achieve the SDGs without access to water”, he stressed.

      The Spanish Cooperation, through the Spanish Development Cooperation Agency (AECID), has among its priorities to promote access to water and sanitation.

      The Spanish Cooperation has a powerful tool to help achieving that target: the Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation (FCAS), created in 2007 and with a particular focus in Latin America and the Caribbean.  To date, the FCAS has invested some 800 million euros in 65 projects.​​​

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